Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6

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Little Lambs Childcare Center


            The Little Lambs Child Care Center is a Day Care/Preschool  program located in the city of Kalamazoo just north of I-94 at 2031 East Cork Street, between Portage and Sprinkle Road. The Center is licensed by the Department of Social Services of the State of Michigan for children between the ages of two weeks and six years.
            The Center offers a Christ - centered preschool curriculum and is sponsored by the Bethlehem Baptist Church’s Child Care Governing Board. The daily operation of the Center is under the immediate supervision of the Center Director.
            The preschool years have earned the title of the “formative years.” They are the years when patterns and values are formed. Numerous studies have shown that things learned in the first six years of life greatly affect a person’s value-system, emotional stability, and intellectual potential for life. It is a time when the individual forms his/her most firmly held values and beliefs.
            Long before man understood the importance of the “formative years,” God had instructed His people to teach their young about the great things He had done. He knew that if they neglected this task, the next generation would not know Him. In many ways the great social problems of this decade stem from the fact that we have neglected to nurture our children’s spiritual development.
            Little Lambs Child Care Center recognizes that children need repetition, guidelines and routines during their physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual training. We understand that children learn by
exploring, experiencing, discovering and doing. At the Little Lambs Child Care Center many opportunities
for children to learn important life skills are provided. The Center appreciates the fact each child is uniquely created by God and has his/her own set of needs. Therefore, the child based center activities at Little Lambs
vary according to the age and abilities of each child. These activities fit into a consistent, yet flexible daily schedule. At all times our primary emphasis is the sharing of Christ’s love and compassion as we care for your child.  
            Little Lambs Child Care Center believes that preschool children need both time for guided play as
well as time for free expression for proper physical growth and development.  Each day, both large and small motor activities, some structured, others not, are provided as well as adequate rest periods.
            Providing children with a great deal of imaginary play opportunities and challenging them with open- ended questions such as “How else could we do it?” or “What do you think?” are the means employed at the Center to develop intellectual skills.  A curriculum that is child centered and hands on is used to teach reading and math readiness.
            Emotional development is rooted in teaching  children that they were created by God for a purpose,
and that they are loved individually.  When a child fully realizes this and begins to experience success in the program, self-esteem and emotional stability will naturally follow.
            Little Lambs Child Care Center provides children with guidance that encourages caring, compassion
and consideration of others in all relationships.  Be it with peers, adults, pets, or property, the child is taught to respect others.  “Be ye kind one to another” is the social model at the Center.  Through this experience as well
as training is social skills through role play, puppets and bibliotherapy (books and stories), children will develop caring personalities.
            In addition to nurturing childrens’ physical, intellectual, emotional and social development, Little Lambs nurtures their spiritual development as well.  This will be accomplished through the Little People’s Bible Program.  The program is divided into twelve themes which repetitively teach the Christian views of Love, Giving, Obedience, Kindness, Thanksgiving, Forgiveness, Prayer, Power, and Courage as well as the the events of Creation, Christmas, and Easter.  These life-sustaining values prepare children to meet life’s challenges with a solid foundation.  The children learn to talk with God on a daily basis, with prayer being said before meals and nap.  During our Bible Story Time the children are encouraged to share prayer requests and to pray for these special needs.           
            As stated above, we teach the events of Christmas and Easter, as told in the Bible.  Consequently,
we do not promote Santa, the Easter Bunny nor do we observe Halloween. Valentine’s Day and the month
of February deals with God’s love.
            The Toddler Lesson Plans are posted outside the Toddler Room door, along with The Parent Corner Board, a copy of the current menu and the teacher work schedule. Please take advantage of the information found here.
        6:30-8:15    Gather time, snuggle, play
        8:15-8:30    Wash hands and pray before breakfast
        8:45-9:00    Diaper changes
       9:00 -10:00  Lesson plan activity/specific toys
      10:00-11:00  Large motor/go for a walk/play outside
    11:00 -11:15  Wash hands and pray before lunch
      11:15-11:45  Lunch
      11:45-12:00  Video, diaper changes and pray before nap
      12:00-2:00    Nap time
        2:30-3:00    Quiet play, wash hands and pray before snack/diaper change
        3:00-4:00    Large motor/outside play
        4:00-6:00    Teacher choice activities, parent pick up 
A. Admissions
The Little Lambs Child Care Center considers children for enrollment without regard to sex, race,
creed, or color.
1. An Application Fee and two MI Dept. of Consumer and Industry Services Child Information Cards (which include statements authorizing emergency medical care, persons to whom a child may be released,
and field trip participation) will be required for enrollment.
2. A valid Health Appraisal Form, including an up-to-date immunization record signed by a licensed
physician or designee, is due on the first day of attendance. This form verifies the state of the child’s
health and any restrictions on activities that may be required. This form must be updated annually for infant
and toddlers, and every two years for preschoolers.
3. Applicants must also fill out a Family Size and Income Form for our food service program.
B.  Delivery and Pick - Up of Children
No child is to be brought before 6:30 a.m., nor be picked up after 6:00 p.m. If a child is left beyond 
6:00p.m., a $5.00 fee will be assessed for each additional five minutes.
Children must never be left without direct transfer to an adult. Therefore, children must always be brought
directly into the Center by an adult. Each day parent or guardian must sign their child in upon arrival and
out when they leave. 
Upon arrival to pick up a child, an adult appears intoxicated, we will call another adult on the MI Department
of Consumer and Industry Services Card to come and get the child. If no other person is available, we will
offer to call a cab. If the adult refuses any help, and insists on taking the child, the police will be called
upon that adults’ exiting the center. 
C.  Tuition
Weekly tuition for each enrolled child will be due in advance of the first day of attendance.
All future payments are due on the last day of the current week for the next week.
A $15.00 late fee will be added for tuition that is received late. If there is a problem with payments,
contact the Director as soon as possible. All tuition rates are subject to annual reviews.
TUITION RATES - See current pricing under Pricing
We prefer all payments to be made by check, payable to Little Lambs. If a check is returned by the bank there will be a $25.00 Center charge in addition to the late fee and any bank fee charged to returned checks. Additionally, you will be required to pay with cash or a money order after the 2nd NSF check.
D.  Absences and Vacations
Because program licensing requirements require that the Center employ staff based on the number of children enrolled, the Center will not be able to give tuition refunds for days an enrolled child is absent. If the Center Director is given at least a two week notice in writing so that staff arrangements can be made, a maximum
of two weeks vacation per year may be allowed without having to pay tuition or re-enrollment fees.
Our year runs from September to September. We currently do not save your child’s place if you choose to withdraw your child for the summer. We do make every effort to contact you if that place is ready to be
taken, so that you may have first choice on returning before fall.
If your child will be out for the day, please call the Center at your earliest convenience to let us know.
E. Withdrawal From Program
Withdrawal of a child will require that the Center be notified in writing a minimum of two weeks
in advance. If the Center is not given the stipulated two weeks notice, the parent or guardian is obliged
to pay the equivalent tuition fee. If a child is absent two weeks without notifying the Center, the space
will be filled and the child considered dropped from enrollment. Re-enrollment will require a new
application fee and placement on the waiting list. Occasionally a child may be dropped from the Center’s enrollment if developmental problems cause him/her to harm others, if the parents or guardian fails to pay tuition/fees or if the parent or guardian is habitually tardy in picking up his/her child.
F.  Bad Weather
Little Lambs will usually close for severe weather only if businesses and factories are closed. Notification of Center closing will be announce on radio station WKZO (590 AM) and television station WWMT (Channel 3). There will be no refunds for days missed due to severe weather closings.
G.  Discipline
The children are treated lovingly, consistently, and sensibly. When the need for discipline arises,
our staff know that the main purpose of any discipline is to teach, so they will:
1) Access the situation - what is contributing to the difficulty?
2) Encourage another activity - redirect
3) Use “Quiet Time” - often one minute per year of age. This is followed by a brief conversation about the difficulty and what some other acceptable options might have been.
4) Encourage the child to use their words to resolve the problem on their own. Words may be given
to help even the youngest preschooler begin to acceptably deal with conflict.
Children are not allowed to harm or intimidate one another. They are gently, but firmly taught the values of sharing, compassion, and cooperative play. Attention is given to each child’s individual needs, but
at the same time, the welfare of the entire class is taken into consideration.
If a severe or persistent problem occurs, the teacher/director will contact you and will work together
with you to find a solution that is best for your child. If a workable solution is not met, we reserve the
right to ask you to find other care for your child. Not all centers are for all children.
H.  Clothing
The children spend part of each day outdoors. Therefore, durable and washable clothing appropriate
for weather conditions is necessary. In the winter, children will go outside when the wind chill is above 20 degrees, so jackets, snow pants, mittens, mitten clips, and large, comfortable boots are a must. In the summertime, bathing suits and towels are needed so the children can play in water/sprinklers. 
During the day, our art projects and science/cooking activities are hands-on and many times messy.
Please send your child to the Center in clothes that you do not care if they become soiled. We do our
very best to protect clothing, but messes occur as part of the learning process.
A complete change of clothes must be brought in on the first day of school and changed to accommodate the seasons. All clothing must be marked with the child’s full name.
I.  Injuries
Should a child be injured at school, a Center staff member will provide basic care - cleanse the area, apply Band-Aid or ice as needed. If the child needs to be seen by a physician, the steps that will occur are
(but not limited to) the following:
1) attempt to contact parent or guardian
2) attempt to contact child’s physician
3) attempt to contact parent or guardian through a friend or relative
4) if unable to contact parent, guardian or physician, the Center will either call an ambulance or take the child
to an emergency room.
J.  Illness at the Center
No child is to be at the Center if they are visibly ill. We sympathize with the difficult situation this could
cause, but we want to be considerate of other families who may also have a difficult time if their child
is infected. You should plan ahead for alternate care if you can’t take time off work. Grandparents, neighbors, and friends are good sources. 
We will call and ask that a parent come immediately to pick up a child who has a fever of
101 degrees or higher, has an undefined rash, has intestinal upset, diarrhea or vomiting,
sore or discharging eyes (including, but not limited to conjunctivitis - pink eye) or ears,
or has profuse or discolored nasal discharge.
Children need to be fever free without medication when returning to the Center.  If you request that we administer fever reducing medicine during the course of the day, we reserve the right to take your child’s temperature before such medication is given.
K.  Medications
We prefer that all medications be administered to your child by you at home. However, if your child
needs to be given medication while at the Center the medication must be in the original bottle with
the original label and have the child’s name clearly printed on it. A medication permission must be
filled out, signed and dated before any medication will be dispensed at the Center. A tag will be placed
on the back of your child, stating the time the medication is to be given.
L.  Fire
In the event of a fire, a manual fire alarm system will be used. Two blasts from a Coast Guard air horn
will signal staff to remove all children according to a prearranged escape route and practiced fire drills 
M.  Food Service
Little Lambs Child Care Center serves a nutritious, well balanced breakfast, lunch, and snack each day.
The food is served in quantities which meet or exceed the guidelines of the Federal Child Nutrition Act.
Children with special dietary needs or allergies are worked with on an individual basis. Please see
the Director for the necessary forms needed if it becomes necessary to make any changes or
substitutions on our menu. Infant foods and formulas must be supplied by the parent.
No food may be brought from home except for birthday treats or special occasions. For safety reasons
do not send gum or hard candy. We also ask that if your child is eating in the car on the way to the
Center that this food be finished or left in the car, rather then bringing it into the Center to finish.              
Food will be served family style to encourage and teach table manners, as well as math skills,
small motor skills and communication skills.
A monthly menu will be included with the Little Lambs Newsletter or may be picked up at the sign in desk.
In the operation of the Child Care Food Program
no child shall be discriminated against because of
race, color, national origin, sex, age, or handicap.
Any person who believes that he or she has been
discriminated against any USDA-related activity
should write immediately to the Secretary of
Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250
Conferences may be requested at any time that the Director, Teacher or Parent feels there is a need. 
Our regularly scheduled Conferences occur in the Fall and/or the Spring.
Through the course of the year we endeavor to provide extra curricular programs for the child.  These may include, but are not limited to, gymnastics, trips to the Library/Museum and walks to the Nelbert Tot Lot,
located on Konkle Street, around the corner from the Center.  We regularly use the Book Mobile and
have a Librarian come to the Center to share books and stories with the children. 
Community helpers - dental hygienist, nurse, veterinarian, scientist, etc. visit our Center to compliment
our themes.
If you have any questions or comments about Little Lambs Childcare Center,
you can call us at (269) 344-9731, or email us at littlelambs2031@yahoo.com at any time.          


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